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Bank/Data Centre Case Study

Bank/Data Centre Case Study


Having put down its roots in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in 1862, our client is one of South Africa’s oldest companies. Over its history the bank has grown from a mere few staff members to over 49,000 today, and extended its roots deep into the fabric of South African society. Today, our client is a leading Africa-focused financial services organisation, the largest African bank by assets and earnings. It operates in 20 countries on the African continent, including South Africa.


Due to unreliable grid power the bank is dependent on diesel generators for primary and secondary sources of power for data centre and dealing room operations, for its main offices and energy centres and also for its branch network during operating hours. It is essential to have fuel to power the generators and for the bank management to gain a clear understanding of wet stock, fuel usage, fuel deliveries, generator runs and generator run times along with power outages and maintenance runs within the generator bank. In the financial services sector in South Africa one hour down time of operations in a data centre or a dealing room can equate to a significant sum in lost revenue.

Why Oilguard9000

Oilguard9000 is a leader in the field of diesel fuel management. It has designed and manufactured diesel fuel management systems for mission critical applications worldwide. Its products are used across a number of market sectors by many diverse companies and municipalities to protect and manage their mission critical fuel stocks. The Oilguard9000© is Irish manufactured to a high standard with multiple industry accreditations.


The Oilguard9000© solution was deployed at various sites in Johannesburg and Pretoria for our client to improve the management of its back up power supply and diesel fuel management at its main dealing centres and main office blocks. Oilguard9000© gives the bank personnel access to the cloud based GUI where they can view live tank levels, consolidated tank reports, consolidated generator reports including current literages, percentages, fills, generator run times, generator runs, power outages, carbon footprint and consumption for a period. Multiple maintenance teams on various sites can now receive email and text alerts for generator runs, fills, low levels, water ingress, high levels, thefts, pump runs 24/7 365 days per year.


Our client now has, for the first time, real-time transparency, verification and control of its fuel stock on the sites in Johannesburg and Pretoria where Oilguard9000© has been installed. Oilguard9000© has enabled our client to identify critical issues with regards to its fuel stock in real-time. One example being water detected in its fuel at one of its main dealing centres. The proactive way its maintenance team responded to the alert from Oilguard9000© eventually led to our client finding breaches in the tank system which were allowing water ingress. This lead to the tanks being decommissioned and replaced. These were underground tanks and may have been left unattended for some considerable time had the Oilguard9000© system not provided the immediate water ingress alert and in turn focused attention on an emerging problem. Had the water ingress and associated problems not been addressed quickly it is likely that emergency down time would have occurred in the dealing centre. This in turn led to a six month upgrade project within the tank farm in a controlled manner. The Oilguard9000© system triggered this process of proactive maintenance. Using Oilguard9000©, senior management now have a full view of consolidated diesel fuel stock levels, a full view of maintenance runs on the generator sets, a full view of power outages and service delivery by their electricity vendors. Oilguard9000© also allows the maintenance, facilities and real estate teams to furnish their sustainability colleagues with up to date accurate carbon footprint readings

Download our data centre case study here.