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Oilguard9000© exhibits at AfricaCom show

Oilguard9000© exhibits at AfricaCom show

In November, 2014 The Oilguard9000© were proud to take part in the 17th Annual AfricaCom, as part of the Enterprise Ireland Stand.

AfricaCom is one of the biggest tech events in Africa which gathers together senior decision-makers from the entire digital ecosystem. With visitors of over 9,000 and 350+ speakers this event brings together all those who work within the digital world.

Oilguard9000© is cloud based and utilises GSM/ GPRS and Satellite technology. It allows you 24/7, worldwide access to information on your fuel tanks. This access is crucial to anyone monitoring remote tanks. In Africa where fuel theft accounts for major loss of expenditure, this remote access is invaluable. Too often, operational costs associated with fuel delivery and fuel level monitoring place a heavy financial burden while risks associated with fuel fraud and theft can impact vital services and profitability.

Our technology ensures highly accurate measurement of fuel tank levels. Unlike other systems which only measure your tank at time intervals, our technology will immediately identify and notify you of all critical events including fuel fills, delivery volumes, spills and thefts.

The financial benefits of our system are significant with reductions in fuel theft, monitoring of fuel usage, optimised fuel delivery and reorder points, better fuel inventory control and a reduction in manual resources and errors. A primary Return on Investment of our system is the cost avoidance which a power outage disruption causes. The Oilguard9000© design and manufacture diesel fuel management systems for mission critical applications worldwide.

From our headquarters in Ireland and through our network of partners worldwide our solutions provide real-time continuous fuel management from any remote location ensuring the continuity of power for essential services and major corporations in the financial, healthcare, telecommunications, industrial, transportation, mining and military and many other sectors.