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Telecommunications Case Study

Telecommunications Case Study



Our customer is a global Telecommunications Services Company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. They are one of the largest telecommunications service companies in the world and currently responsible for approximately 28 million telephone lines in the UK alone.


The company has 12,000 fuel tanks across the UK and Ireland for the operation of their telecommunication infrastructure, with many of these situated in remote locations. These fuel tanks are located in their numerous depots, data centres and used for tanks that supply generators for back-up power supply. It has been estimated that an emergency call-out to fill a tank at a remote site in the UK can cost anything up to £1000 sterling (€1170). They required a system that would easily monitor fuel usage, fuel levels and fuel quality that would also help to reduce unscheduled refuelling and cut out theft and pilferage.


Oilguard9000© are leaders in the field of remote fuel management. They have designed and manufactured diesel fuel management systems for mission critical applications worldwide. Their products are used across a number of market sectors by many diverse companies and municipalities to protect and manage mission critical fuel stocks. The Oilguard9000© is manufactured in Ireland to a high standard with multiple industry accreditations.


We were able to install the Oilguard9000© on a number of sites and give the telecommunications company access to a cloud based GUI where they could see tank levels reports. They also got email or text alerts for fills, thefts, low levels, water ingress and high levels. This was all available without any modification to their existing soft ware or IT infrastructure.


The telecommunications company were able to monitor their sites remotely and receive alerts on all the Oilguard9000© functionality. This resulted in significant reduction on the amount of site visits for inspecting and recording fuel levels, unscheduled refills and a reduction in thefts. The implementation of the Oilguard9000© system allowed the company to monitor fuel usage, pre-empt any down time issues with regard to contamination and security/vandalism, provide carbon footprint reporting, optimise fuel delivery and give better overall fuel inventory control.[/vc_column_text]

Download our telecom base station case study here.