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What is the Oilguard9000© ?

The Oilguard9000© is a real-time diesel fuel management system which protects and manages your vital diesel assets 24/7 and provides live management visibility and precise control through a secure web-based login. It is uniquely configured to support mission critical applications and organisations which presently utilise primary and back-up diesel generators.

Our technology makes a real difference to organisations globally on a daily basis. If your business is experiencing any of the following issues then it is time you contacted Sentinel to learn how we can support your business:

  • Risk of disruption to essential services due to power outages
  • Current fuel management system is paper-based, inaccurate and relies on manual fuel measurement (“dip stick”)
  • Interest in reducing operational costs through better management of transportation, fuel re-order points, fuel level measurement (labour), fuel delivery verification, etc
  • Evidence or suspicion of any of the following: fuel theft, fraud, overcharging, etc
  • Environmental concerns – Risk or evidence of fuel leaks or spills
  • Environmental reporting requirements – a regulatory requirement to have a verifiable fuel management system in place

Find out how Oilguard9000© can benefit you!

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