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The Benefits of Oilguard9000©

More than just fuel management

Most competitor products will just measure your fuel tank levels. The Oilguard9000© is a fuel management system which protects and manages your vital fuel assets 24/7 and provides live management visibility and precise control through a secure web-based login. It offers organisations a scalable solution which will manage fuel usage in a single tank or for hundreds of tanks within a customers’ network.

When we say real-time we mean real-time

Most competitor products will only take a measurement and communicate with your office at set time intervals only, sometime as infrequently as once per day. Our technology provides onsite intelligence, will continuously monitor your tanks and instantly alerts you of a critical event including:

• Fuel Delivery Verification
• Fuel Theft or Tampering
• Low Fuel Levels

• Water Ingress
• Power Failures
• Fuel Spills

Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

The Oilguard9000© will deliver the lowest overall cost of ownership based on the following factors:


  • Quality Approved: Meets all recognised quality standards including CE Mark, ISO, OFTEC, APEC and SABS.
  • Low Installation Costs: Each tank is fitted with just one probe and uses Oilguard9000© patented technology which is capable of up to 15 tank measurements. The design, quality and reliability of our technology will also reduce ongoing maintenance costs.
  • No IT Set-up Costs: Our software is cloud-based which means no extra IT investment in hardware and no integration cost with your existing company IT systems.

Secure, User-friendly Management Reporting

  • Our secure web-based application is highly intuitive and suitable for a range of users including operations, finance and business owners.
  • It provides continuous monitoring for every individual tank in your network.
  • Our management reports provide a verifiable record of your diesel stocks and the proactive management of diesel and operational costs for each single site and can be consolidated for your entire operation.
  • The remote real-time two way polling visibility provided by our system will demonstrate the return-on-investment for your operation.

Generates a Return on Investment

The Oilguard9000© is a verifiable solution which will generate a measurable return-on-investment for customers across a range of areas including:

Energy Management and Efficiency

Optimised diesel delivery and re-order points with better inventory control and reduction in manual resources.

Procurement Centralisation

Ability to organise diesel purchase and logistics fro your entire network.

Legal & Environmental Requirements

Avoid problems from environmental agencies resulting from spillage or leaks.

Risk Management

Cuts out manual checking of diesel levels and helps guarantee critical power supply.

Loss & Security

Helps to reduce theft and pilferage and verifies actual amounts delivered.

Preventative Maintenance Improvements

Extends the useful lifecycle of assets, increases the efficiency of equipment, keeping them running more efficiently and lowering power expenses.

24/7 Information Access

Oilguard9000© provides automated financial control, reporting and management of all diesel transactions across your company in real time.