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Oilguard9000© Web Interface and Applications

Secure web-based login

Our software is cloud based which means you only need internet access to monitor your fuel tanks. The information is accessible 24/7 and will always provide a real-time, continuous monitoring of your fuel tanks.
Our application is secure, utilising 8 levels of encryption, and each user is provided with a unique user name and password to login. Finally, our system allows for permission based access for different users within your organisation with appropriate functionality available for senior management, IT and operations teams.

Visibility at individual tank level or across your entire network

Sentinel works with organisations with hundreds of fuel tanks, often dispersed over large geographic or remote locations.  
Our technology will continuously monitor each individual tank in your network providing an instant alert for all critical events. The Oilguard9000© is a scalable solution for companies of all sizes.

Tank Monitoring Dashboard

Our web application provides users with intuitive dashboards which provide you with 24/7 visibility you need.
This is a continuous monitoring system which means that any new alerts are immediately highlighted on a real-time basis while an instant SMS and email notification sent to the assigned manager and/or user at a customer level.

Management reporting at your fingertips

Our system provides a fully verifiable record for the professional management of fuel stock levels across your organisation.
Our standard reporting provides detailed information on current and historical fuel tank levels and usage by week, month, quarter and year. In addition to our standard reporting features, Sentinel also has the ability to work closely with customers in the delivery of bespoke reporting requirements.

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